Livro "Computational Bayesian Statistics"


 M. Antónia Amaral Turkman, Carlos  Daniel Paulino, and Peter Müller

 "I think this book can be seen as a short guided tour through a vast landscape. It is readable by anyone with a general background in statistics and would be  appropriate for a short course. (in fact, it is based on lecture notes from a short course that was given at the XXII Congress of the Portuguese Statistical Society.)"

 (Reviewed by Fabio Mainardi, on 09/8/2019)

Livro "Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications to Modelling in Biology and Finance"

 Author: Carlos A. Braumann

This book offers a comprehensive examination to the most important issues of stochastic differential equations and their applications. The author ― a noted expert in the field ― includes myriad illustrative examples in modelling dynamical phenomena subject to randomness, mainly in biology, bioeconomics and finance, that clearly demonstrate the usefulness of stochastic differential equations in these and many other areas of science and technology.



Instituto Nacional de Estatística